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M&M Meat Shops
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M&M Meat Shops

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Valid 25 February until 03 March

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M&M Meat Shops is a Canadian frozen food store founded in 1980 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Its official name since March 2016 is M&M Food Market, where M&M stand for the names of its founders Michael Voisin and Mark Nowak.  Originaly it was a store where two men wanted to start a business selling good quality meat at lower prices. Faced to the reality they realized that the meat is a products that can rot in some days. That's why they decided to offer this product in frozen form. This will allow to store the product longer all withing staying "fresh". Since 1980 there are over 400 stores across Canada. To rise the number of customers M&M Food Market started to sell not only meat but also frozen pizza, pasta, seafood and many other frozen products. 

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